Desktop users are catching up on the use of this OS, owing to its amazing capabilities. However, many other events call for the adoption of Linux, and you have probably used this OS without knowing it. Here are some of the top 5 innovative things that make use of Linux.

Slot machines

Slot machines

With the growth of the gaming industry across the globe, there has been a call for more efficient slot machines, and this is where Linux comes onto the scene. Manufacturers of slot machines have in the past incurred very high start-up and operational costs, but this will be a thing of the past with Linux in play. To start with, the expenses incurred in developing a slot machine using the Linux technology are low. What’s more, these Linux powered slot machines have much better performance as compared to their counterparts. Putting these two benefits together, it becomes quite clear why the gaming industry would favor Linux powered systems.

Robotic Milking Systems

These systems, also known as Voluntary Milking Systems (VMS), are quite a unique way to make use of Linux. In agricultural production, most of the activities tend to be labor intensive, and this takes away from time that could have gotten used elsewhere. With Linux in play in these systems, farmers can cater to other needs in the farm and the milking systems will milk the cows when they are ready. As such, all a farmer has to do is to show up at the end of the day and collect the milk. Thanks to the automated feeding systems, a farmer need not be hands-on most of the day as was the case in the past. How incredible is this technology?

Self-driving cars

As we embrace the new age of driving, a lot of work has gone into ensuring that these cars are safe and that other road users are kept safe. As such, Google has exploited Ubuntu in the creation of a system that not only ensures speed but also assures users of their safety and that of other road users.

Smart appliances

In the quest for convenience in our daily activities, developers have found a way to get our house appliances to run using Linux. Take an example of a smart refrigerator. In this case, it is essential to have an OS to oversee the operations of the applications running on it. Linux works by monitoring the activities of other appliances, and you can also use it to run other systems such as Wi-Fi.

Given that Linux is open source software, you can also tweak it to meet your requirements. Over time, this OS will be present in other household appliances such as the toaster for added convenience. At this rate, we’ll hardly ever have to lift a finger to get things done in our homes.



This list would not be complete if it were to lack the use of Linux in the operation of supercomputers. Approximately 96.4% of the top 500 devices in this category run through this operating system, and there are many reasons behind this preference. Linux allows users to make changes where they deem it necessary and this is an attractive feature to programmers who are always looking for ways in which they can upgrade their devices. Supercomputers are under the control of programmers and as such, Linux is the best option if they wish to make any changes in their operations.

Another thing that attracts programmers to the use of Linux is that this operating system is compatible with CPU architecture. In this way, anything that runs on Linux on the CPU will work on the supercomputers with ease.

It is thus evident that this OS takes the day when it comes to convenience, speed, low costs, and versatility.

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